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Tasly Accupoint Therapy Apparatus

34,560.00 Exc. Vat (5%)


  1. Scrapping
  2. Massage
  3. Acupuncture
  4. BP Reduction
  5. Manipulation
  6. Body slimming
  7. Sex therapy
  8. Foot massage
  9. Infrared heating treatment


This is a new type of acupoint therapy apparatus, with digital voice, large color screen. The output pulse is more stable, and it is more comfortable and safe.

Microcomputer technology is used in this system to produce a lot of biological electron waves, as this products used, for electro therapeutic, magnetic therapy, heat treatment, ears treatment and feet treatment with decotion of Chinese traditional herb. The relevant effect of entirely dredging the main and collateral channels, promoting blood circulation and QI circulation, balancing YIN and YANG, curing the disease superficially and originally, and arousing the potential energy of human body.

The caloradiance of heat treatment pocket can treat diseases by producing far infrared ray with specific wavelength.

The apparatus can treat two parts of a person, or two persons at one time.
Both treatment and massage are gathered in it and modern physical therapy is linked to medication. The multifunction of the system includes analog acupuncture, massage and medicament introduction. Apart from the action of health care, it also works along all lines to treat many kinds of acute and chronic diseases. So this product could be regarded as a perfect family doctor.


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