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Starter Kit

3,200.00 Exc. Vat (5%)

Start you very own Business today with this starter Kit…

With this Kit, you can start you own Business with Tasly, Get the products at a wholesaler’s cost and resell at a standard retailer’s Price…



Become A Tasly Distributor And You Get This Starter KitI am using this medium to reach out to you about TASLY, the best Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company in Nigeria.

Reason why you should join TASLY:

  1. Their bonus is being collected faster.
  2. You can move to the top faster than possible in any other MLM.
  3. Their products are very efficient and very easy to market
  4. Their bonus is better than any other MLM such as Car Award and Health Rank

The taste of the Puddling is in its eating. No single TASLY distributor who knows the onus of the business will tell you that he or she regretted joining TASLY.

In TASLY its always goodnews,success, bonus, collection, advancement, progress and financial freedom.

Now you know why TASLY is better and easier.

Join the moving train.

In TASLY you are sure of your DESTINATION.

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