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I-Cleaning Capsule

3,000.00 2,592.00 Exc. Vat (5%)

Radix et Rhizoma Rhei Preparata:
Repel heat, free intestine. Promote the move and the secretion of intestine.
Radix Pseudostellariae:
Nourishing gastric yin, promoting secretion of gastric juice, and reducing gastric emptying time.
Semen Persicae:
Able to lubricate the intestinal tract with a fatty oil content of 45%.
Radix rehmanniae:
Used for heat in intestine and constipation.
Radix Ophiopogonis:
Promote gastric emptying and power the stomach.
Semen Cassiae:
Applicable both as medicine and as food to constipation by lubricating the intestine and promoting bowel movement, and also effective in mitigating diarrhea.

2 capsules each time, 1-2 times daily; taking the capsules 30 minutes before meals is the best.

300mg × 20 capsules

1. Remove retained solid waste from the bowels
2. Improve intestinal microcirculation
3. Enhance physiological functions of the digestive system


• Prepared by a classical formula and refined from natural herbs
• Health improvement by dual mild actions of cleaning and nourishment
• Weight Reduction and Toxin Removal

Target Group
• People suffering poor appetite, insomnia, fatigue, irritation and bad breath
• People suffering dry stools and abdominal distention or pain caused by habitual constipation and chronic colitis
• People suffering acne, anal fissure, alopecia, hyperplasia of mammary glands and obesity arising from constipation

Not applicable to pregnant women
No irritating food during medication

Store in a cool, dry place.

What are the differences between I-Cleansing and Probiotics?
I-Cleansing lubricates the intestine and removes retained solid waste through peristalsis of the large intestine while Probiotics is primarily intended to relieve conditions like constipation and diarrhea by regulating and balancing the levels of intestinal flora.

Antibacterial and eliminate inflammation, strengthen body immune function, increase gastrointestinal secretion quickly, strengthen intestinal creeping function, Improve intestinal blood circulation, eliminate intestinal mucosal congestive and edema, improve intestinal environment, attain the result of constipated patency and normal defecation, thoroughly rid toxins in body, distension and abdominal pain disappear.

Traditionally used for assisting the body in the symptomatic relief of constipation, abdominal distension and discomfort.

Tasly I-Cleansing Capsule is contraindicated in pregnant woman; during the treatment period, less peppery food is necessary.


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