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Cordyceps Capsule

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5,184.00 Exc. Vat (5%)

Cordycepic acid; cordycepin; SOD; 18 amino acids; multiple vitamins; Se, Zn, Mn, and other trace elements

Oral administration with boiled water at mealtimes; twice a day; 2 capsules each time

500mg × 60capsules/bottle

1. Enhance immunity
2. Improve pulmonary functions
3. Regulate physiological functions of the kidney

Product Description

Tasly Cordyceps Capsule includes many kinds of active ingredients like Amino acids, Polysaccharide, cordycepin, cordycepic acid, ergosterol, adenosine, SOD and trace elements.
This product comes from totally natural resource which has immunoregulatory function with no hormones or other stimulants. It is effective for Respiratory and cardiovascular patients.

It can also successfully assist in the treatment of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Helpful for cancer patients and for those easily fatigued.


• Made from the precious and premium cordyceps native to the Tibetan Plateau
• Purely natural and pollution-free
• Hi-tech extraction and concentration
• Striking immunity improvement

Target Groups
• People with poor immunity characterized by loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of energy, easy infection with cold or other     diseases, etc.
• People with poor pulmonary functions and suffering frequent coughing, asthma, excessive phlegm, etc.
• People with renal problems like edema, blood in the urine, albumin in the urine, etc.
• People with sexual disorders such as Erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, weakness, and premature ejaculation.

Is there any difference between Cordyceps and A1 which both improve immunity?
Both work on immunity. Cordyceps is intended to regulate immunity, relieve fatigue and improve the state of the respiratory system; A1 is focused on immunity improvement.

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  1. Joshua Okpoti

    Please where can I get to buy your drug in Abuja, can it be delivered to me at my address in abuja

    • chimithen

      Send a whatsapp request and how many bottles you are interested. And I will check the cheapest and safest means you can get right there in ABJ. 08109890819

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